Retrofit double glazing with Ecoglaze?

The process is a smooth one; simply contact us for an appraisal of your existing windows, we will give you an estimate, you hit the go button and the ball is rolling. It involves the removal of your existing glass, the alterations to any framing that may be required and installation of the new FULLY BRANZ CERTIFIED Ecoglaze double glazing.

Externally you will barely notice a difference; internally your home or office will feel much warmer and quieter. Imagine having a space with a much more comfortable and manageable temperature year in and year out.

With a large range of glass types available with Ecoglaze you can not only achieve much better insulation but you can also greatly reduce noise penetration and UV damage and fading of your furnishings. High performance glass can be used in the double glazing to reduce heat loss.

Even if your home was built in recent years and has well insulated walls and ceilings, with single glazing you could still be losing up to 50% of heat from the interior.

There are many comfortable and satisfied people in Napier, Hastings, Havelock North, the greater Hawkes Bay area and indeed around New Zealand enjoying the benefits of Ecoglaze in their windows.


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