The EcoGlaze Difference

There’s a lot to consider when building or renovating. Whether it’s a family home, a commercial premise, an inner city pad or a rural retreat, windows and doors can be a real feature, or the one downside in your award-winning build.

What is Double-Glazing?

Double Glazing consists of two panes of glass set together with a spacer in between and sealed trapping air inside. This air inside the unit creates the amount of hot or cold air that transfers from either side of the glass, almost halving the amount of heat lost through the window.

Commercial or Residential?

Eco Glaze is used extensively in the home and workplace. Why not ahve your double glazed windows working more efficiently and effectively for you.

It’s what’s on the inside that matters

Locking in the warmth during cold weather and keeping interiors cool during summer makes a home healthy and comfortable. The secret to the success of Eco Glaze® is its ‘warm-edge technology’. It’s 100% silicon foam rather than the metal used in traditional double-glazing.

How it works

Eco Glaze® with warm-edge technology is non conductive so it greatly reduces the heat escape path, meaning your windows and doors add to the total insulation of your home rather than detract from it. Eco Glaze® with it’s true no-metal, dual seal spacer technology has the industries lowest thermal conductivity. 

Eco Glaze® has passed the thorough testing from BRANZ and is registerd with IGUMA. 

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that Eco Glaze® comes with a 10 YEAR WARRANTY.


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